Sep 13, 2012

I'm Sorry, What Was That?

I say some very dumb things to my dog. And most of the time I don't even register what I'm saying. It just comes out. Word vomit. I caught myself saying something particularly stupid the other day. (I just blue myself. Arrested Development, anyone?) Pretty embarrassing.

Things I regularly say to my dog without even hearing what comes out of my mouth:

• Good morning stretchy pants!!! (Apparently he reminds me of yoga pants?)
• Hello my baby mush face!! (If Murphy's face suddenly turned to mush I would be very concerned.)
• Murphy! You are a naughty pants! (My dog does not wear pants. Although I did catch him in my t-shirt once...)
• You are so cute I just want to eat you up!! (His cuteness makes me hungry?)

I imagine his response to any of these comments would be: I would appreciate it if you would stop threatening me with death. Please do not eat me. I am a dog, not a hamburger.

A conversation with BearFace recently:

Michelle: Murphy, you are a stretchy pants! You are so cute I want to eat you!
BF: I think you love Murphy more than you love me.
Michelle: (silence)

Perhaps it's good Murphy and I are taking a break from each other for a few days...

Speaking of which, I'm writing this from the air right now. Of course I will not be posting until we land, but I needed something to occupy myself! I'm doing this on my iPhone so the format may be a little weird.

Luckily I conquered my phobia of airports and made it onto the plane this morning. It was a close call. Well, closer than I would have liked. This is because A) GoogleMaps is a liar. Atlantic City Airport is 1 hour from my house in Alloway, not 40 minutes. B) There were at least 6 deer that decided 4 am was a good time to play chicken with oncoming traffic. And C) My roommate decided 3:30 am was a good time to eat breakfast in the bathroom. Yep, I caught RD red-handed, making oatmeal and going into the bathroom with it. Thankfully my toothbrush was in my duffle bag so I could brush in the kitchen!

A perk of living in the country, however , is that there is no traffic, no traffic lights, and almost every road is 50+ mph. You just have to watch out for the deer...

Landing in Myrtle Beach in 20 minutes, and I am ready to kick off this UConn reunion! It will be epic.

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