Jan 31, 2013

On the Road Again

I'm trying to summon up the motivation to write a post about last weekend (which was uncharacteristically busy for us), and the goings-on of this week, and it's not quite happening for today.  So I'm going to keep this brief, mostly to explain why this week just sort of got away from me!

Today was my last day at work, and I am officially unemployed...yet again.  I plan to become a stay-at-home dog mom.  KIDDING.  I will be out on the hunt for a new vet hospital as soon as we get settled in up North.  Kind of sad leaving work today...I will definitely miss my friends Kim and Jenna.  I feel so thankful to have made good friends in the short time that I was here.  They made my CT-NJ transition so much easier and less lonely!  Murphy will miss his friend Kim too (although he was quite perturbed that she ratted him out for his garbage can adventure), so I'm sure we will be back to visit at some point!  He and I will also miss our barn pals, including Chubbles, Chance, and Kelly!

Which is the other highlight of the week...the move is happening, for real, this Saturday.  UHaul rented, boxes collected (Murphy has been looking concerned since the boxes appeared), fridge nearly emptied, and found a sneaky way to leave the dog behind without him knowing (KIDDING!  He'll be my only friend in North Jersey).  And can I just say, I HATE MOVING.  Not that anyone really likes it, but I feel I am entitled to complain, having moved almost every 6 months for the last 2 1/2 years.  BearFace and I are quite excited to get to Sussex, knowing we will be there for the forseeable future (which means there will be lots of Pinterest decorating projects to come...)   

Other perks of moving to Sussex County:
  • We can drink from the tap without worrying about dying
  • A real live garbage man will pick up our trash, instead of waiting for our landlord to do dump runs (It's been 4 weeks.  Not that I'm counting...)
  • I can forget that RoomDog and his disgusting shower-eating habits were ever present in our lives!
  • Murphy's dream of meeting a wild black bear may finally be realized (I'm actually a little worried he might get eaten)
  • I will be able to save gas money by purchasing a sled which I will use to travel down our mountain (Haven't figured out how I'm going to get back up yet... Maybe I'll hire a team of huskies.  Or I'll attach a rope to the ski lift)
  • We're living on a mountain (Enough said right there)

Tomorrow is packing and cleaning day (and one more ride on Chubbles) and then we will be off on our next adventure Saturday morning.  It's going to be a long, busy weekend, so tune in for an update from our new place of residence early next week!  Expect a new theme to the blog...I'm thinking "Tails of a Stay-at-home Dog Mom". 

Sometimes, I worry for his mental sanity.

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  1. Don't worry, Murphy has no mental sanity. I vote for getting a team of huskies to pull you home.